The "CentTREE.com" is an advertising & crowdfunding attempt and will branch out to various TREE planting & environmental activities, artworks to inspire green computing & eco-friendly Internet usages.

Namaste, myself Ashiish and I have planted the "CentTREE.com" in the hope of growing A Million Cents by renting advertising space of a million pixels and to make the Earth a little more cooler & greener by promoting "TREE$ & GreenNess". And for every 100 cents raised through the "Advertising Sales", will plant a TREE and eventually, all the ad-revenue will be used in various eco-friendly ideas & activities.

Some cool branch ideas are being grown and will be updated soon. Also, you can find about some future plans by checking the "Fruits".

Few not so funny facts : -

There might be millions of words, talks involving the money & trees. The phrase "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees"(or the synonyms) might be spoken out more than a million times around the world everyday. And there are types of trees which grow various stuffs(such as fruit, flowers, leaves, wood, medicinal ingredients, gums) which indirectly grow lot of money. Well, their oxygen production and environmental behaviours are the most important, valuable of all and are priceless.

And I thought of planting some TREES to benefit the environmental eco-systems and to raise funds for some creative ideas & activities.

And if things go well, will spend to grow a few cool & creative ideas. The "CentTREE.com" will engage in some seedfunding services and hope to branch out to be worth a Billion cents within 1000 days & a Trillion cents in 1000 weeks. Might seem funny, but have registered the "MillionCents.com", "BillionCents.com" & the "TrillionCents.com".

And as it branches out & bear fruits, the advertisers might be gifted with some yoummy things; but first of all it needs some Advertising Sales, in order to grow the tree campaigns and make all this fruitful.


Anyway, hope the "CentTREE.com" will become fruitful and make an impact by promoting various TREE planting & eco-friendly activities. And if it could be a reason behind millions of TREE$ getting planted on the planet Earth, then the campaigns would become truly fruitful.

As some Advertising Orders take place, some "Tree Campaigns" will be expedited. Also, currently an Early-Bird Offer is going on & as the Branches grow, the advertisers might be gifted with some fruits. For info, please check out the "Early Bird" and the "Advertising" sections.


I tried to write some of the future plans for the "CentTREE.com" and as it starts growing, will update a few more cool facts. Also, last but not the least, I sincerely request everybody to plant & grow as much "TREES" as possible & encourage others to plant & grow some trees.

Thanks A Million.