The "CentTREE.com" is an advertising & crowdfunding attempt and will branch out to various TREE planting & environmental activities, artworks to inspire green computing & eco-friendly Internet usages.

Namaste, myself Ashiish and I have planted the "CentTREE.com" in the hope of growing A Million Cents by renting advertising space of a million pixels and to make the Earth a little more cooler & greener by promoting Trees & Greenness. And eventually all the Advertising Revenue will be used for TREE planting and Earth-friendly activities.

Some cool things & ideas are being grown and will be updated soon.

Some Frequently Asked Questions : - Please Click.

Tried to answer some anticipated questions. For any query, please feel free to get in touch. Some more answers will be added soon.


Anyway, hope the "CentTREE.com" will become fruitful and make an impact by promoting various TREE planting & eco-friendly activities.

As the "Advertising Orders" take place, some tree campaigns will be expedited. Also, currently an "Early Bird Offer" is going on and as the "Branches" grow, the advertisers will be rewarded with some yummy gifts. For info, please check the "Advertising" & the "Early Bird Offer".

Well, the plan is to make the "CentTREE.com" a fruitful & successful advertising campaign for everybody associated with and as it starts growing, will update about some more cool facts. Last but not least, my sincere request, please plant, grow and protect as much trees as possible and encourage others to do so.

Thanks A Million.