Welcome & Thank you for considering the "" for your advertising requirements. By advertising here, you will also support some eco-friendly ideas, activities, art-works & projects. Eventually, all the advertising revenue will be used to grow TREE$ & greenness.

On the homepage of the "", Advertising Space of "100x100" pixel blocks are available for placing ads. The advertising price is $100 USD per Ad-Unit(costing 1cent/pixel). Logos & Images can be displayed on the desired locations, subject to the availability and can be linked with Urls. For wider AdSpace, the advertisers can also order adjacent ad-units. There are only 100 ad-units consisting of the ad-space of a million pixels that costs a million cents in total.

To order the advertising space, you have to agree with the "TERMS". Please check the below "Terms & Conditions" and use the "Pay Now" button situated below the TERMS to proceed to order the Ad-Space.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Well, the "" is purely an Advertising & Crowdfunding attempt and strictly not an investment program of any kind. There may come some probable future occasions where for promotional purposes the advertisers may probably be rewarded subject to the below mentioned Terms & Conditions; such as the "Early-Bird Offer".

    According to the advertising orders, the advertisers will get credits in some realated artworks. For promotional reason, the advertisers might also be rewarded with some complimentary gifts or funds, if they prefer so, but this is not a guarantee anyway. For more details, please check out the "DISCLAIMER" & the "FRUITS" sections.

  2. Ordering ad-space, does n't grant advertisers any kind of authority or ownership on any part of the "" website or on any of it's associated sites. Advertisers are only given opportunities to display appropriate ads. They need to submit images/icons/logos and links, which can then be displayed on the desired ad-locations subject to the availability.

  3. The minimum advertising order must be one Ad-Unit consisting of "100x100" block of 10000 pixels costing $100USD(1cent/pixel) and the maximum is whatever left on the "first come first served" basis. And there are only 100 Ad-Units and can be ordered any number of adjacent ad-units subject to availability.

  4. The images must be either in JPEG or PNG or GIF format and must not be animated. And the size must be exactly same as the ordered advertising space.(Eg. for 1 ad-unit of 100x100 pixels costing $100, the ad-image must be of 100px height & 100px width).

  5. Links to any websites and contents, those are related to "any kind of obscene, offensive, adult, illegal, inhumanity, racial, regional or religious discrimination, such activities OR materials in any form", will not be accepted. If in the future, any of the advertisement link connect with any prohibited content, then the link will be disabled.

    Links must be to real webpages(or profiles pages) only and begin with http:// Or https:// of any particular websites and must not be from any URL shortening services. It should not be blacklisted or banned by google or by any major Internet gateways, any national or international governance or organisation of worldly importance.

  6. Advertisers must have the authenticity to provide the images and the links they submit and will be sole responsible for any contents thereof. I neither take any responsibilities nor insure any contents of the outside websites being advertised on the "".

    And the advertisers must be of sound minded and self-dependent persons of at least 22 years old or above.

    No offence; but persons with no concern for the eco-environmental issues, global warming & climate change issues, are not welcomed.

  7. The advertisements can be displayed up to a period of 100 months or say until 25th Dec. 2025, subject to overall terms and conditions. And at times, there might be some minimal maintenance downtime.

  8. But, most IMPORTANTLY, the advertisers must have to agree with, that in the future at any point of time within 217 days or 7 months, it reserves the right to reward or refund the advertisers with "217%" of the advertising costs and only then remove the advertisements. In that case the advertisers will be rewarded or refunded with $217 for every advertising unit ordered with $100USD and in case of any non-cooperation or non-acceptance after several attempts to make communications with any of the advertisers, I might vacate the ad-space(remove ads) and will donate the reward or refund amount to any causes or charities as decided by the majority of advertisers & website visitors. But, the advertisers can not demand to avail such lucrative refund requests from their end.

    And in that case, there will be a dedicated section to showcase the Ads and alongside the advertisers will be credited as the sponsors.

  9. Please make sure before purchasing the advertising units. As once the ads are published, there will be no refund in the initial 117 days. And if you are not happy with the advertising performances or want to cancel your ad-order and get refund, then please do let me know.

    Any such refund requests will be processed along with "17%" extra after the completion of 117 days period and the orders with refund requests will not avail any future rewards. Also, the refund request and future rewards related communications be made only with the e-mail address used for advertising order and payment processing.

    Orders with refund requests will not avail any of the future rewards

  10. And the "" reserves the right to modify the terms for the betterment of the advertising & the associated tree campaigns with respect to the advertisers interests. For any query, please feel free to get in touch.

    The terms used to describe and the associated domains are meant to make the advertising and the tree campaigns more fruitful. Thus more people could get to know about the Tree Campaigns and may like to plant & grow more trees. The "Early Bird Offer" and probable future rewards are planned for promotional purposes and probably may come true; but please never consider this as a guarantee or an assurance; and please don't advertise on the "", if you don't support the reasons behind it or only wish to get return.

Please read and agree with the above Terms and consider about the availability of desired ad-units & again reconsider. If you still want to order ad-units, you are most welcome. To place an order, please use the "Pay Now" button below.

As of now, PAYPAL is the preferred payment processor for ordering 1-20 Ad Units. You can also pay using any credit card as displayed below the pay now button. For more info about ordering any higher amount and alternative payment method, please get in touch. After payment, you will be redirected to submit the advertisement details.

Well, after the payment is processed and the advertisement details are submitted, the advertisements will get published at the earliest possibility (usually within a few hours). For any queries, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for considering to advertise on the "" and please plant, grow & protect as much trees as possible for you and encourage others to do so.

Thanks A Million.