The "" will branch out to various environmental and tree planting activities, related eco-ideas, artworks, documentaries and campaigns for making the Earth a little more cooler & greener.

With the ideas of some eco-friendly campaigns and for making the "" more productive, have registered some "DOMAINS" with some related terms as listed below in the bold, green fonts. As the Advertising Orders take place, the campaigns will get expedited.


A - 17 TREES : Well, I have decided to plant at least 17 TREES this year and will make a music album named as the "17 Trees" and also running an advertising & crowdfunding campaign on the in association with the "". The motive is to set a trend and hope some people might like and be willing to plant & grow some more trees in the name of "Yearly Trees" in the coming years.

B - 21st Century Tree : A story of a tree and it's dreams & wishes. After millions of trees are cut down for the industrial interests and townships, it's hope for the future lies at the mercy of the human civilizations. That TREE must be protected for some important causes. (will publish soon)

C - Tree Camps : Camps and campaigns for encouraging to grow trees.

D - Tree Daddy : Well, I have decided to plant & grow at least a million child tree seedlings, saplings and make those plantation ready before making any plan for procreation. Also, will make a documentary about the journey & reasons behind the mission and hope that might inspire some others to plant & grow enough TREES for the future generations.

E - International Year Of Trees : I think observing an "International Year" event in the name of trees, plantation and related activities, would be a cool attempt and could attract tree planting activities around the world. Considering the increasing global warming and climate change issues, it would be cool to observe such events as soon as possible. I wish and hope that the "United Nations" might take notice and make it a reality in the near future. Also any country, state, city, town, organization and any person or groups might like to observe such earthly activity of their own.

F - Trees For Internet : It will be a documentary and aims to encourage the Internet users to plant & grow some TREES in order to subside the greenhouse gas effects caused by the high usages of various Internet based services, technologies, apps and infrastructures thereof around the world. For more info please visit the

G - Clean Green Internet : Campaigns to encourage green computing & eco-friendly internet usages.

H - Social Network Tree : Billions of people use various social network sites for free of cost and use vividly. The Internet based social network services along with the infrastructures do cause some greenhouse gas effects and it would be cool if the users could plant & grow some trees in order to mitigate that. Well, I have decided to plant some trees in the name of the social networking sites I use and will make a documentary about it and hope some others might like and be willing to plant & grow some trees in the name of their favorite social network services & apps. And I hope to get some cool friends by growing the Social Network Tree.

I - Tree Planting Day : Will be a documentary about various tree planting observations and activities around the world, such as the Arbor Day, the Tree Day, the Greenery Day, the Van Mahotsava and the alikes and hope that might inspire others to get involved in some tree planting activities.

J - Tree Watching : Documentary and web series about trees around the world.(also on regional basis.)

Some more eco-friendly ideas and campaigns are coming soon.

Some branch websites are under development and will be updated soon with better features, contents & designs. But, you can get the very basic ideas about the nature of some projects as listed above.

Some domains are being forwarded to the "" to grow more traffic for making the advertising & campaigns more effective.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Please plant and grow some TREES and encourage the world around you regarding the same. And I wish you very very happy, healthy & fruitful years ahead. Thanks A Million.