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Advertising & crowdfunding campaign to promote various TREE planting & eco-friendly activities and to raise A Million Cents by providing Advertising Space.

And for every 100 cents raised through "Advertising Sales", I will plant a TREE and will fund various tree planting & environmental activities & campaigns. Also, will grow the "Trees For Internet" & the "17Trees.com". Eventually, all the advertising revenue will be used to grow TREES & GreenNess on the planet earth.

Namaste, my name is Ashiish and my first step on the Earth was located in India; but I believe in being a global citizen and wish to see the Universe as one family with full of affection, compassion & positivity. I love calm & natural green ambiance and hate heavy noise & pollutions. Will update more shortly.

N.B.- The meaning of my name "Ashiish" is a blessing & currently I am trying to develop a few cool ideas & art-works and hope the "CentTREE.com" will become a blessing and will support to grow something worthwhile. Please check this space later as it will be updated soon. Thanks and have great days ahead. For any query please get in touch.
I think it could be more fruitful, promoting the "TREE$" and other "Tree Campaigns" in the long run and could support a few urgent needs, than just being funded via any target-based crowdfunding platform among thousands of crowded projects.

So, I thought of trying this along with advertising opportunities. Might seem a little crazy to make it this way, but thinking about some relevant facts, like the attempts to grow money on a tree, the advertising opportunities, early-bird offers and the probable future rewards, it could stand out of the crowd & might support some tree planting & eco-friendly campaigns grow a little more.

Also, outside crowdfunding platforms might be a narrow option for the associated ideas; so thought of making it independently.
Oh YES. :) It might seem a little crazy or stupid. But, it's planned to promote some tree planting activities and in a brighter side, it might encourage various environment-friendly ideas, activities & campaigns, which might make the world a little better.

There are millions of words, talks, tales involving the money and trees. The phrase "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees" (or synonyms) must be spoken out more than a million times around the world everyday. But, there are types of trees which grow various stuffs such as fruit, flowers, leaves, wood, medicinal ingredients, gums which indirectly grow lots of money. Well, the oxygen production and environmental behaviours must n't be measured in terms of money and that's the most valuable of all.

Also, millions of dollars are being spent in various tree planting & afforestation projects around the globe every year and people working on such projects do get paid to plant trees or for other related works directly or indirectly.

It's like one can make some money by growing certain kind of trees and by getting involved in various tree planting projects & activities. And I thought of planting some TREES to benefit the environmental eco-system and to raise funds for some creative ideas(to turn them into works).
Well, the seeds of some campaigns & events have been planted inside my brain for quite some time. Just need to grow & make those successful by the help of the citizens of the planet Earth, the "United Nations" and the Internet users. The campaigns and websites are being developed and will be updated soon; but you can get some basics ideas.


A few more are coming soon. Also, please check the Branch section for some more info.
Considering some related facts, I think it sounds cool & creative. And I thought to plant the "CentTREE.com" with hopes to grow A Million Cents by creating advertising opportunities along with to promote some environmental ideas and TREE planting activities.
No ! The "CentTREE.com" is neither an investment program nor will return any profit. It's an advertising & crowdfunding attempt to promote TREE planting activities and to raise A Million Cents by providing advertising space on the website. And it's a private and independent website by a crazy(in a good sense) individual.

As the advertising orders grow, the "CentTREE.com" will branch out and in the future, the advertisers might be gifted with some yummy fruits & gifts in order to make the "CentTREE.com", truly fruitful & successful. (I will try my best, but can n't guarantee it.)
The design components are under evolution & due to constraint of funds, the website is being hosted on the free "Blogger.com". And with the beginning of the "Advertising Orders", the website will be hosted on a better platform with cool designs & features.
I have promised myself to plant a tree for every 100 Cents I get from the advertising sales. But, I am in no way asking to order advertising space, so that I could plant trees. Rather, I request you to plant as many trees as possible along with your near and dear ones at your own place.

But, if you think the advertising is worth trying and wish to assist me to spread some eco-friendly campaigns and grow more trees on the planet earth, then you are most welcome.
For every 100 cents I get from the "Advertising Sales", will plant a tree and be part of the plantation.

Well, I have decided to plant some green trees that grow around our surrounding. I am yet to make a complete list & listing some of those with botanical names and popular names. They are not that big, but those are popular growing around the communities and stay green round the year; so, due to popularity, people may love to plant at their places. And I will help by providing saplings.

1. Polyalthia longifolia
2. Magnolia champaca
3. Neolamarckia cadamba
4. Azadirachta indica
5. Mimusops elengi
6. Jackfruit tree
7. Mango tree
8. Lemon tree
9. Banyan trees and Ficus religiosa trees
10. And a few more varieties of evergreen trees...

Some more green and good trees will be given priorities.

Well, I wish I could plant apple, oak, maple, olive & other notable trees, but those do n't grow in our sorroundings. And I also have plans to visit and plant some trees around the globe.

And I really wish to grow some apple trees. If you know any kind of apple tree varieties, which grow in hotter regions with average temperature 35 degree Celsius round the year, then please do let me know. It will be a very big help and you will be gifted a million apples(fruits) and forever gratitude. Thanks A Million in advance.

Yes, the early bird offer is true & it's an attempt to promote the "Tree Campaigns" and to appreciate for believing & supporting the ideas at the early stage.

If you are interested to avail the early bird offer & curious about the authenticity of such lucrative deals, please read "Early-Bird Offer Notification" and order soon, as this is a very limited offer on the basis of "First Come First Serve".

Anyway, welcome ahead.

Thanks a million for taking interests and reading. Please plant & grow as many TREES as possible and encourage others to do so.